No matter your industry, education, healthcare, financial, or retail, having customer relationship management software can benefit your business. It is usually used in every customer service or sales department within organizations but can also be used with accounting, marketing, and warehouse departments as well. If you have been leery on implementing a new system, you may be shocked to see that the benefits can far outweigh the expected costs. Here are 7 benefits of customer relationship management software.


Keep Up To Date on Your Customers

Social media is helping businesses establish close connections with their customers. They are able to keep up to date with real time information provided by social media sites. Customer relationship management software is integrated with links that allow you to connect your customers social media sites, their website news, and other important information found online.


Improve Customer Service

Having a customer relationship management software helps improve customer service.

All information is readily available at the representative’s fingertips such as prior orders, upcoming orders, delivery information, billing, and feedback. An order entry team will be able to convert a quote to an order in minutes without needing to consult an Account Manager. Customer service representatives may see updated status information dealing with a billing department and eliminate the need to transfer the customer. This reduces a customer wait time on the phone. Eventually, small steps like this will improve customer satisfaction.


Improve Contact Management

Your employees will be able to keep all client information up to date and share information with each other. Customer relationship management software keeps all contact information for customers including their name, department, title, email, and phone numbers. Your employees will be able to see if someone has contacted a customer and what is was regarding.


Share Documents through Multiple Departments

Customer relationship management software is instant access, allowing departments to share information without waiting for access. Departments can load invoices and contract information and share it across multiple departments.


Help Establish Cross Selling Abilities

Customer relationship management software can help cross selling techniques. The software can be programmed to suggest alternative products for a customer. Depending upon the nature of your business and departments, some cross selling may be additional service features of your organization, adding a product line, or upgrading a product.


Organize Sales Team

Customer relationship management software is not just for customers. Sales teams can also use it for potential customers and former customers. Some customer relationship management software systems enable access to sales plugin’s which allow teams to use forecasting methods. Sales teams can generate and keep track of quotes. They are able to review where potential customers are in their pipeline and market effectively towards them. This allows for successful lead follow up and closing sales.

Improve Marketing Efforts

Marketing teams will be able to track their marketing campaigns through customer relationship management software. They will be able to successfully track a lead through the close of sale. Marketing teams will be able to distinguish which campaigns worked best. They will be able to invite customers to events, keep track of attendance, and generate effective marketing reports.

Mary James is an expert on customer relationship management software.