For a large majority of businesses, particularly small and medium sized businesses, their email is a mission-critical part of business operations.  The recent released results of a Symantec and Gartner study revealed that up to 75% of a company’s intellectual property exists in its email and other messaging applications. Today’s businesses need a reliable email that is accessible in-house and when employees are on the road. Business professionals need to be able to access their calendar and email  directly from their mobile devices. Exchange email hosting services are now a popular business solution.


There is a good reason why Microsoft Exchange Server is the most widely deployed business collaboration and messaging system. Microsoft Exchange Server combines the most advanced email with shared contacts, calendars, wireless sync, public folders, and task management features. The result is an improvement in business productivity. However, operating Microsoft Exchange server in-house is very costly, particularly for small and medium sized businesses. This is why exchange email hosting services is so popular and so widely deployed across the world.


Exchange email hosting services is a cost-effective business email  solution. A host company provides everything needed to businesses, including comprehensive support – all for an affordable monthly fee. This allows businesses on a tight budget to get all the advantages of an in-house exchange server which includes exchange email hosting services, without the high costs or hassles of running an exchange server in-house.


Business Benefits Of Exchange Email Hosting Services


1. Improved Productivity: Companies will benefit from an improvement in employee productivity due to employees being able to have Outlook Web access anywhere at anytime, as well as having wireless messaging from such devices as Windows Smartphone and Blackberry. Users can access Outlook email, contacts, and calendars securely from any location, from any browser, with Outlook Web Access (OWA), the online companion to Outlook. This means businesses are able to focus their IT resources on other business priorities. to grow revenue and profitability.

2. No Issues With Scalability: Hosted exchange users avoid scalability challenges and additional costs by easily adding more email boxes when required. With an in-house exchange, businesses have to upgrade hardware or software.or buy additional servers which can be costly. The added costs are not required with exchange email hosting services.


3. Optimal Infrastructure: Networks are designed and built to minimize email downtime. The host has geographically secure distributed data centers that can guarantee 99.9% network uptime.  This means email is always available and the host service provider manages the upgrades and security patches to ensure the network remains running efficiently.


4. Virus And Spam Protection: Quality hosted Exchange providers offer virus and spam protection. This exchange email hosting service can help eliminate 99% of unwanted email before it ever reaches a person’s inbox. As well, it screens and quarantines any viruses.


5. Easily Manage Email Accounts: With a simple Web-based management portal, users do not need any technical know-how to manage the Exchange environment. An administrator can easily setup new users, perform such tasks as email routing, as well as managing mailbox storage limits and permissions.


6. Customer Support. Since Microsoft Exchange management is done by a host provider, a business will benefit from quality 24/7 customer support.


Today businesses have a lot business management tasks on their plate. Focusing on their email system and worrying about the new emerging viruses is just another headache. The ability to leverage Exchange email hosting services has an abundant of advantages for small and medium sized businesses. With Exchange email hosting services at, businesses do not have to invest in the infrastructure, licensing, and maintenance costs associated with hosting a messaging system in house. This is why more businesses are taking advantage of Exchange Email Hosting Services from a trusted Host.