For those of us with 9-5 jobs, a pretty sizable percentage of our waking hours are spent at the office. It might be difficult to make the job feel fresh every day while remaining engaged and productive. The following advice is a bit of a mixed bag: some of these tips will be more relevant for everyday office workers, while some might make more sense for managers and small business owners. Whatever the case, you’ll hopefully find something here that will help you bring back a little bit of sanity to the workplace.


Learn Something New


Doing the same type of work everyday can become stale over time, sometimes causing a decrease in productivity, or possibly leading to the feeling that your work doesn’t matter. If you’re looking to add a spark of excitement to your time in the office, try to learn something new. It can be an entirely new skill, or perhaps a new way to do an existing job. You’ll make yourself a more valuable resource for the company you work for, adding to your job security, and you’ll make your time at the office more interesting. You’ll be surprised how much faster the time goes when you add a little bit of variety to your daily routine.


Invest in New Technologies

While the average employee could certainly benefit from an understanding of the latest workplace technologies, this is one tip that will most likely benefit small business owners and managers. If you value your employees’ time and want to see it spent most productively, you might look for ways of improving their effectiveness at simple tasks such as routine communication. Advancements in cloud based phone systems, for example, have been a huge boon to workplace productivity and efficiency. Office telephone systems powered by VoIP are taking off in a pretty big way in offices across the world. Employees and managers have on-the-go access to their workplace phone messages, ensuring that everybody is on the same page, whether you’re on the clock or not. Dedicated internet access is great for any business to pursue success dedicated internet access.


Cultivate the Employer-Employee Relationship


Whether you’re an employee or a manager, you’d be amazed to see the difference a strong relationship can make. It can start with regular, casual conversation to foster or improve the feeling of camaraderie. You don’t necessarily have to join your boss for a beer after work, but just being able to talk candidly together can go a long way toward increasing the sense that you’re a part of the same team.


Of course, having a good relationship with your boss can also open up other doors, such as being able to bring concerns to their attention. After all, you’ll want to feel as though your workplace problems are being taken seriously.


On the employer side of things, office managers should do their absolute best to give the impression of openness. Be approachable; it’ll go a long way.


Some of these pieces of advice are pretty basic, some less so. Hopefully you’ve found something here that you can take back to your own workplace. Whether you’re a 9-5 worker or the manager of your own workforce, keep the little things in mind throughout your day: you’ll be surprised at the difference they can make.