With increased dependency on Search Engine Marketing for better brand visibility, marketers and business owners are leaving no stone unturned to optimize their marketing efforts. In other words, a well-devised SEO strategy is what every business needs today to score one of the top places on search results. Search Engine Optimization also helps in understanding your audience better, as well as, determining where your website stands in the metrics of search engines.

While a well-designed and optimized website is essential to keep your SEO score high, there are a few other factors that can contribute to a higher search ranking. Like the site’s hosting platform, for example.

How does Cloud Hosting connect to SEO?

As a platform, the Cloud Hosting environment has a lot of its own technical and operational benefits that contribute to better SEO. It offers resources which are easily scalable, it is relatively cheaper than most of the hosting types, it provides better site security, and a lot more, which can collectively help perform your site better.

But one of the key attributes of Cloud Hosting that impacts SEO is the server location of your hosting provider. As surprising as it may sound, where your hosting server is located can ultimately impact the site performance. Here’s how.

Imagine this- You are a business owner in China, who sells fabrics to customers only in Germany, which means the majority of your buyers are from Germany or its immediate neighbours. But you have a hosting provider in Thailand. So, when your target audience searches for the kind of products you sell (or use keywords that tie back to your brand strategy), Google or any other search engine will retrieve results from the local servers in Germany, as per its preference criteria. In such a scenario, your website server in Thailand would be the least preferred source to retrieve results from. To avoid this situation in earlier times, site owners would invest in a local server, despite the hefty costs. Needless to say, traditional hosting turned out to be more resources intensive over the years, costing site owners a lot of tech budget, time, and security issues. In comparison, Cloud Hosting liberates you of such conditions by being geographically agnostic. In a cloud environment, the resources are spread across multiple locations so search engines can easily retrieve information from the closest possible source.

On a parting note…

However, just like the technical features of a hosting environment are essential, so is the hosting provider. Because only a reliable host can assure you of efficient operations and the best resources. That is why, it is always essential to research well and find the best Cloud Hosting provider for your site, who can offer the state-of-the-art software, hardware resources, high-end security, and expert support that collectively fulfil your business objectives.