Maternity leave can be so rewarding, after all, you are spending time with your new little bundle of joy and creating fantastic parent-child bonds. However, it can be frustrating sitting around and feeling unproductive during the day. If you want to give your daily routine a little more direction whilst also earning more money, then there is a range of work-from-home business opportunities for you.


Become A Freelancer

There are so many freelance jobs out there that you will never be stuck for choice. Begin by browsing a range of freelance job sites and learn about the type of work available. There are opportunities out there in a range of industries and that involve a variety of skills such as writing, graphic design, animation, sales, programming, IT, engineering, finance and more.

Utilizing your skills is a great way of making money doing something you know you are good at, and it is flexible work which you can take on when you are at home with your baby. For most of these jobs, you will need a computer and internet access. Simply sign up to a few freelancing sites, set up a profile, and start applying for work.

Get Into Sales And Marketing

Your time and energy are your most valuable commodities and we want to see you invest them with the best. If you have great customer service skills, and you also have the ability to easily talk to people and sell products then a sales role might be best for you. Even for moms that are based at home, a network marketing role can be one of the most effective work at home opportunities and can be a great way of generating extra income.

A network marketer starts by signing up to a reputable and trustworthy MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company. Once you have discussed your role with the company, it will be your responsibility to then motivate and organize yourself so that you are dedicating enough time toward finding customers to sell your product to. Using email marketing and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter will help you target people who are most likely to be interested in the products. The more products you sell, the more money you can earn.

Become A Virtual Assistant

A great way of making some extra money as a new mom is to become a virtual assistant for a business or a single client. Similar to freelancing, you can benefit from the flexibility of the work and only apply for jobs that you can definitely complete within the desired timeframe.

Some businesses need to focus their efforts on the development of the company, and this is where you can step in and be a really helpful assistant so that their admin or data entry jobs (i.e. tasks that take a long time) can be done by you. Companies are happy to outsource their work to those that are willing, and if you can work quickly and efficiently you may have the chance to work with them again and further boost your earning potential.