Are you planning to start a business or take an existing one to the next level of modernization and technology advancements? Well, if this tops your business plan then you will need three important things to go live and be available for the world on the W3 system.


1.      Domain Name which is nothing but a business name that best describes your business. For example,

2.      A Website that talks about all your service offerings and products

3.      Web Hosting Service to make your website go live on the World Wide Web

A Web hosting service is nothing but the medium, a server, with which a website can be accessed over the W3 System, which is the World Wide Web. There are different types of web hosting services through which clients can host the websites. It generally differs from a normal HTML website which also acts as a basic form of a website to a high end flash or an e-commerce website.

Types of Web Hosting Services

Paid Web Hosting

This type of hosting service requires a periodic payment that needs to be made to continue keeping the website live on the server. Paid websites do not allow any outside links or advertisements that link any outside websites without prior permission of the webmaster.

Free Web Hosting

These are typical template websites that are available for free and do not allow the webmaster to own it entirely. It is generally a part of the main website, for example, which acts in the form of a sub domain name. The bandwidth, upgrading abilities and other technological abilities are not permitted on these websites. They are sustained by external advertisements and have certain limitations; however, the only advantage of accessing this web hosting service is that it is available for free.

Reseller Web Hosting

This kind of web hosting service is typically for companies and businesses who wish to take up website hosting as a business as well. These businesses can have their own server along with additional and special features and have the potential to host other websites. If you are a business who is venturing into this line of services, all you need to do is to purchase a large hosting space and begin to rent it out to varied external websites. Your purchase will ideally include a hosting space along with the bandwidth.

Many small businesses look at this kind of web hosting services as they are quite cost effective and affordable.

Shared Web Hosting

When there are multiple webmasters and client businesses wish to reduce their overhead costs, one can look upon the shared web hosting services. These are not only affordable in costs but are also easily accessible with good speed. It is extremely easy to have software installations and timely updates on this server. However, it does not provide any high end features or benefits when compared to the others.

Dedicated Web Hosting Services

If you are a business who wishes to have a server that tends to only their business, then this type of web hosting service is apt. A client business with this service has a dedicated web server for his website where the owner gets the complete control over all the operations from the root to the tip. The webmaster is also responsible for the sever maintenance and security.

The advantageous feature about this web hosting service is that it has a reduced downtime error and high speed access. However, the other side of the coin is that since it is singularly handled by one business owner, it is quite expensive in nature, in both server maintenance and hosting costs.

Collocated Web Hosting

If you are business that requires a high end fully featured web hosting service, then Collocated hosting is the answer. It is a better and higher version of the dedicated form of web hosting feature. However, since they provide virtual security, high physical presence and access speed, they are more expensive than the rather.

VPS Web Hosting

This web hosting service is touted to be one of the easiest services available on the W3 system. It is the abbreviated form of Virtual Private Server and is versatile choice for all businesses of any kind.

Managed Web Hosting

This is again a form of dedicated web hosting service; however, the only difference it holds is that it does not give complete control to the web master. A client nevertheless enjoys all the special features of an exclusive web server.