Any business with an ecommerce website must make implementing security solutions to safeguard their data and applications a high priority. This includes data and application loss prevention and protection from malicious external threats. Backup and recovery of virtual machines is an essential part of  protecting business applications and data. Disaster recovery solutions protect IT assets when a disaster occurs. The best disaster recovery solutions should provide comprehensive protection at an affordable cost, and with minimum difficulties. VMware disaster recovery solutions provides the most cost-effective, reliable, and easiest disaster protection for all virtualized applications.

There are many businesses today that do not have sufficient disaster recovery protection for their applications.  In a lot of situations, businesses consider disaster recovery too costly, complicated, and unreliable for their critical applications. Using VMware, businesses can meet core requirements for disaster recovery without spending an excessive amount of money. VMware disaster recovery provides automated, fast, and  reliable recovery, as well as non-disruptive testing automation and simplified testing of recovery plans

Using VMware, virtual machines are fully independent from their underlying hardware. Businesses can reduce costs as the hardware infrastructure can be consolidated at the production and failover sites. The recovery hardware can also be used to run test and development environments. Businesses can use cheaper hardware at the fail-over site to lower their costs. As well, through an interface, set up of an automated and centralized recovery plan is easy and can be done in a just a few minutes.

VMware disaster recovery ensures the most reliable and easy to use disaster protection for all virtualized applications. With vmware disaster recovery solutions, the entire system is encapsulated as a set of virtual machine files. By replicating the files to the failover site, the entire system can be recovered in a rapid one-step process of an hour or less. Site Recovery Manager and storage-based replication enable automated site recovery and migration processes. When a disaster fail-over is initiated, business services are automatically recovered with limited or no manual intervention.

With VMware Disaster Recovery Solutions, instability in one virtual machine is completely separate from other virtual machines. In the VMware Infrastructure environment, a business can run disaster recovery tests on the disaster recovery hardware without preventing the recovery of production virtual machines in the event there is a failure in the production site during a disaster recovery test. As well, idle hardware can be eliminated at the disaster recovery site by running a  batch program workload or test-development simultaneously which enables a business to maximize the utilization of their IT assets

When it comes to cloud computing, the VMware Disaster Recovery to the Cloud solution ensures reliable and fast recovery with fully-automated processes and less disaster recovery costs With the pay-per-use structure, there is no need for a huge up-front capital investment to build a secondary disaster recovery site. There are also shared recovery infrastructure costs with numerous customers which lowers overall costs.

In summary, VMware Infrastructure enables faster and simpler processes allowing businesses to perform easier backup and recovery. As well, a VMware technology-based disaster recovery solution makes the process of regularly testing a disaster recovery plan simplified which is critical for reliable disaster recovery. VMware makes disaster recovery affordable through savings from consolidation as well as reusing existing servers. VMware provides rapid recovery that is hardware independent, simpler to backup and recovery, and it enables quick provisioning of a business disaster recovery site VMware Infrastructure provides businesses with  fast, cost-effective, and reliable disaster recovery.